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Junk Removal

a large green and small roller dumpster

We offer a range of junk removal services in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and the larger Long Island area. In the blink of an eye, your rubble like furniture and mattresses will be hauled away at very affordable rates. We take almost anything from old appliances to the trash and everything else in between. No matter what type of property you manage - homes, schools, or businesses - we have the best junk removal solutions to suit your specific junk removal needs. We truly are your go-to junk removers for residential or commercial purposes. Find out how we can lessen your load with our junk removal service.

What we do.

We have expanded our services to bring you the best in junk removal. Our effective junk removal services make your working spaces and living spaces a whole lot more workable and liveable. Have you been prolonging a much-needed clean-out? Let us swoop in for a quick on-site inspection and inform you about all the junk we can remove for you. We have the equipment, expertise, and manpower to rid your property of any junk instantly. You name it, we take it! Now you can sit back and enjoy the pleasures of having a more minimalist environment. Simply fill out our online contact form and we will call you back.

The benefits of junk removal.

Many benefits are associated with junk removal. One is a neat and tidy space you can live and work in. It is proven that a clean working environment leads to a more productive workforce. And who wouldn't appreciate a clutter-free home? It makes maintaining your household thousand times easier. You can also invest in your social responsibility towards the Long Island community by hauling away old office equipment that can be re-used in schools or community centers. Most importantly junk can become a safety hazard especially if you have young children.  Be safe, be junk free!

How often should you remove your junk?

With our expert, junk removal service once is more than enough. Unless you have accumulated so much waste and junk over the years. If that is the case then a few removals should be scheduled. We can help you determine by performing a simple junk check. Whether you need us once a month or multiple times a year - we have your junk removal needs covered. Plus, we will gladly give you a discount if you need a junk removal service for more than one property. We even take bulky items so that you don't have to do any heavy lifting.

Safety is a priority.

Junk removal is considered a very dangerous task. One could easily trip over cords or drop bulky items and get injured. Our professional team of junk removal experts helps eliminate the dangers that junk removal pose. At Dumpster Rental Long Island Bros we follow all industry protocols when dealing with your junk even if they are hazardous. Disposement of junk is a tricky business as some waste management plants have very strict rules for dumping junk. Fortunately for you, we get it done according to local laws so that you don't have to!

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